Top 4 snack have to try in Danang city

Da Nang’s snacks food stalls are really crowded from 3pm till midnight. Regardless of the weather, the snacks are served year-round, the alleys become famous destinations for tourists.

1 . Oc hut - Sucking snails, the appropriate choice for the cold windy day

Sucking snails is a local rustic name that Danang people use to call the snails fried with lemongrass and chili. Small edible snails, medium-size edible snails, bitter snails,…are soaked in water, washed and drained then fried with lemongrass, chili and a little spices.

The recipe is simple but the taste is attractive. Sucking snails hot scent of lemongrass and spicy peppers picky eaters will steam because of its piquancy . But this will be so great dish for a cold windy day , and also easy to make someone ” addicted ” if once enjoy .

Oc hut - Sucking snails

Sucking snails  became familiar snack with the people of Da Nang . The cold windy day , call each other friends go suck buildings, sidewalks sat consistent , because the acrid mouth like chili but still strange . Bold flavor with lemon flavor , taste spicy peppers , papaya extra layer of sweet pickle making diners have eaten sniffed , clear broth .

Coming to Danang, wandering in roadside stalls with family, friends, using hands to suck snails are wonderful.  Prices of sicking snails is just ranging from 15,000 to 20,000 VND / disc. 

Here are some recommended addresses:



Ốc cay Hà Nội    

176 Ông Ích Khiêm

503 Ngô Quyền

Ốc Bé Hiếu  

311 Đống Đa

Ốc Kiều       

56 Lê Duẩn

326 Lê Duẩn

Ốc Thuận  

60 Lê Duẩn

Ốc My      

912 Trần Cao Vân

2/9 Monument

Con market (from 3pm)


2 . Banh trang tuong - Crispy Roasted Girdle Cake

From laying rice paper roll clamps to dry cows sunny , pate , while remaining flexible kind of food , eat at the kind of dry , Da Nang each cake a different flavor . If dry cake sandwiched just spread a layer of dried beef or eggs to bake the cake and coconut cake sandwiched plastic made ​​more gaudy , bold flavor and a lot more .

First, to soak the rice paper , then sprayed onto dry cow class , add little oil and then put the cake back out into triangles or curled like ram , later carried on charcoal grill . Bread was baked just right , cut into small pieces presented on the disc . Cake after baking , the crunchy outside , plastic inside .

Banh trang tuong - Crispy Roasted Girdle Cake

Visitors can look for the alley -scented cake sandwiched in Nui Thanh street , Dien Bien Phu , Le Duan from around early afternoon . Each disc wheels have 3 to 5 wheels , priced from 10,000 to 15,000 .

3 . Salted yogurt, mixed jackfruit Tran Thi Ly Bridge

After enjoying the hot spicy food , walking around the bridges crossing the Han River brilliant , visitors will be introduced to the young snack area next to the church right under Tran Thi Ly bridge, where famous by cuisine salted yogurt , mixed jackfruit.

Salted yogurt , dishes made ​​from the first time we see both familiar and marvelous , and just be sure you know when to Da Nang .

Salted yogurt, mixed jackfruit da nang

When ordering food , she will carry out a sales presentation disc and the small jar of sour milk with a plate of white salt crystals . When eaten , we’ll put a little salt spoon into jars first place and then use as normal . With bitter sweet taste of flavored yogurt served with salty salt creates a strange taste .

While recently tested the salt yaourt just familiar strangers , you should call yourself an extra disc mixed jackfruit , Da Nang signature dish that you should not ignore . The main material of this item is non jack fruit is boiled , sliced ​​and mixed with pig skin . Mit helmets are fleshy , tough eat crispy pig skin , add some peanuts ( peanuts ) roasted chili paste , basil , laksa leaves and stir it all up , we will have a full plate of jackfruit mixed with flavor .

mixed jackfruit da nang

Mit mix must be eaten with toasted sesame roll the new right , a mixed plate jack price 20,000 , which included a cake 2 . Add sesame flavor of the cake with a rum crispy , you ‘ll hardly forget the taste of this dish to be tried once .

4 . Smoothies, Sweet Gruel

Walking through the streets Pham Hong Thai , Thai version , Nguyen Van Linh , Le Duan in the evening , you will be hard to ignore the stall full of fruit am ready to serve a smoothie and aromatic sweet gruel.

Smoothies, Sweet Gruel

Most vitamins are vitamins delicious dishes talks with seasonal fruits such as watermelon , avocado , papaya …. Add a little fresh milk , condensed milk , crushed stone less , you will have a cool dish . The price of a cup in here range from 15,000 to 25,000 dong.

If you are adherents of the Tea Thai sweet dishes , fruit tea , bean option would be not to be missed. The menu of the restaurant will have enough items to enchant guests from afar . The porridge is cooked seasonal , season the eating hot tea water , ice cool little more . Winter snow peas eaten hot tea specialties , grilled banana tea …

Finished porridge , smoothies , do not forget to pour yourself a glass of water fragrant sweet peas roasted sweet . Water dishes are served free at every bar , it ‘ll get you by the bank and ended when the great evening snack explore the beautiful coastal city .

Da Nang snacks just really busy from 3pm to night . Regardless of the crowded summer dish served year-round , the alley became famous and young people find hard to ken aisle. If you have an opportunity to visit Danang city, you should not forget to try these snacks. Drana wish you a fun and safe trip.

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