5 gift speciality food should buy when coming Danang city

Danang is not only famous for the beautiful beaches and amazing bridges, but also for its special delicacies. If you have an opportunity coming to Danang, don’t forget to buy below specialities for friends and relative people.

1) Tre Ba De - good specially

Tre Ba De is a Danang special cuisine made of pork. It has become not only the favorite cuisine of many local inhabitants but also a tasty dish that the people from all over the country love.

Tre Ba De - good specially

In Danang, Tre Ba De is something similar to a “snack”. It is a spicy food that anyone ever tasted would never forget the mouthwatering flavor. At first, Tre Ba De looks like another famous dish that is really popular in the Northern part of the country called Nem Chao. However, Tre Ba De is cooked in ways differently. The main ingredients include the meat and the skin of the pig. They are then sliced into small stick-shaped pieces and mixed with garlic and galingale. The mixture is kept covered from 2 to 3 days until it has the unique and intriguing smell of fermented pork, galingale and garlic. A good Tre Ba De dish must be wrapped in banana leaves and guava leaves, which boost the fragrance and make dish taste better.

The sauce used with Tre Ba De is Ba De chili sauce which is made by frying boiled and grinded chilies with many types of spices to create a spicy yet sweet flavor.

Address: 77 Hai Phong Street

2) Cam Le sesame cake - Kho Me cake

One of the specialties of Danang is Cam Le sesame cake (Banh kho me Cam Le). Nevertheless, the most famous place of making this cake is Cam Le village which lies in the suburb, 6km to the south of Danang city and contemporarily belongs to Khue Trung ward, Hai Chau District, Danang city.

Sesame cake was produced in 6 stoves with over 50 laborers, in which Mrs. Huynh Thu Dieu is the forerunner, whose nickname is Mrs.Lieu. Mrs.Lieu’s sesame cake is extremely renowned in the mart.

Cam Le sesame cake kho me

There are many ingredients to make the sesame cakes such as glutinous flour, rice flour, granulated sugar, ginger and sesame. Rice flour is blended with glutinous flour to create a combination which then is infused into the form to be autoclaved and then to be exsiccated. After that, the cake will be immersed into sugar and sesame. The ones which are immersed into dried glutinous rice are named “kho no” while the ones that are immersed into sesame are named “kho me” (sesame). The tasty cakes can be recognized through its soft with soft sugar, well-exsiccated sesame and when shattered, the sugar must be like the flimsy yellow silk cords.

Those occasions such as the death celebration, Tet holidays are the time when sesame cakes are placed on the altars. When visitors go to travel Danang, sesame cakes is the gift specialties for friends and relative people.

You can buy Cam Le sesame cake at Han market, Con market or specialities markets in city.

3) Nam O Fish Sauce good specially

Unlike other fish sauce production areas in Vietnam, Nam O fishing village produces its sauce from only long–jawed anchovy. The fish are preserved in Ca Na salt with grains bigger than other kinds of salt, from the third lunar month and are used at the next lunar new year. Nam O fish sauce is dark red and has a delicious aroma.

Nam O, a small fishing village of Danang City is situated on the National Highway No. 1 and is famous for its fish sauce. It has special taste thanks to Ca Na salt which is kept for several years. The salt is dried on a cement floor for five or seven days and kept in pottery vats for some years before being used.

Nam O Fish Sauce

The fish must be freshly caught and of medium size. They are cleaned in sea water before being preserved. The fish are not cleaned with fresh water because this takes away their taste and smell and the fish can go off easily during a long time of preservation. The vats must be made from special woods, including jackfruit wood. The fish is mixed with salt and put in the jars in layers. Over the top layer is placed a bamboo grill or dried areca bark. The vat is carefully sealed and kept in dark, dry, clean and cool places away from the wind. After six or seven months, the fish is mixed again. When a white yeast substance forms on the top of it, the grid is taken out. At the beginning of the lunar new year, the preserved mixture is filtered through a piece of silk. Then we have dark red fish sauce with a good flavour.

Nam O fish sauce has been well–known for a long time. At Tet holidays or on other special occasions, people in the city and from other regions want to have a bottle of Nam O fish sauce in their home. If you have an opportunity to visit Danang city, don’t forget to buy this gift speciality for friend and relative people.

4) Grilled beef (Cha bo)

Grilled beef or Cha Bo is in the top of 50 the most delicious food in Vietnamese record book. Cha bo is made from 100% of fresh beef and spices which has particular colour and smell. Cha Bo has pink colour not like grilled pork with white one. Moreover its light sweet, strong taste, crispy and tough combined with sour of pickle papaya or carrot. That mixture will create a strange taste but hard to forget.

Grilled beef - cha bo da nang

Grilled beef is quite expensive than grilled pork, about 280.000 per kg while grilled pork is 180.000 per kg. This price is increased in some festival like Lunar New Year. In VietNam, we usually use it in death anniversary, party, and man use it when drinking sometimes.

Recommended addresses to buy Cha bo

- Ms Hường: 04 Hoang Dieu Street

- Ms Lộc: 04 Tran Binh Trong Street

- Sài Đọi - 106/2 Ngo Gia Tu Street

5) My Khe seaweed

My Khe seaweed is also a gift you should buy when coming to Danang. It’s long, brittle and peeled green which can be made into delicious dishes such as salad, soup, etc.

My Khe seaweed

You can buy My Khe seaweed at Han market, Con market or specialities market in city.

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